Leading Five Funny Boss Tales

We have been within the firm picnic and we obtained our manager drunk. He would head to take a piss with a tree but was drunk so he was fumbling for his penis. Our coworker proceeded to put a hot Canine inside their hand anf the partner peed as Element of his pants. The hilarious component was when he finished and his magnificent "penis" fell on the ground.
Boss: "Just what the hell did you do now to my Computer system? I'm moving into my password, but all It can be offering me is seven asterisks!"
Me: "Oh, no trouble. I improved your password to seven asterisks."
Boss: "Oh! All right, thanks." (keeps hoping...)
My boss mailed a standard birthday card in my expertise. It claimed "Happy Birthday, Greg!" Together with the phrase "Greg" crossed out and my title penned in earlier mentioned it. Greg was fired a few months ago.
So our staff members had to established an ad alongside one another And that i emailed [boss] and mentioned he may well wish to lose the 'fuh shoooo' because it won't search very Experienced. He replies: 'FYI, 'fuh shoooo' is slang for 'of course. I'm a black girl from extensive Seaside moreover a fifty five calendar year aged white man is educating me slang.
I depart new manager my home number on voicemail out due to health issues. He phone calls me which has a Sunday early morning after discovering mentioned variety during the trousers pockets. more info Considered he obtained the selection in a bar former night time. When he recognized his error, he could not seem me within eyes once more. Treated me like shit following.

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